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Taking care of your family is a top priority. You need to enlist the assistance of educated professionals to ensure optimum well-being. From the right doctors to a dedicated local pharmacists, everyone makes a difference. Consider the importance of finding a reliable local pharmacist.


Quick Prescriptions


When your baby is sick, you don't want to wait for hours to get a necessary prescription. Your local pharmacy is there when you need them most. From delivering prescriptions for free to a drive-through window, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy knows what you need. 


Solid Advice


Pharmacists such as Myles Haverluck are avaiable to answer all your questions. From the right diet when you are taking medications to an OTC remedy for a cold, the pharmacist will help you with all your basic health care needs.




A local pharmacy has extended hours to serve your family throughout the day and evening. Even when the doctor's office is closed, you can turn to a pharmacy professional for assistance.



 About Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy located in the Parkland area. The pharmacy strives to offer the highest level of service by remaining open on Sundays and all holidays. This reputable pharmacy has ten pharmacists as well as a team of technicians and skilled staff. Customers enjoy the convenience of a large array of professional services. Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy supplies prescription medications as well as herbal products and OTC medications. The pharmacy provides the latest info about common diseases, herbal items, medicines, alternative therapies and more. Dauphin is also pleased to support the community by sponsoring and promoting various events. With a long history of success in the neighborhood, the pharmacy delivers top notch customer service.


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